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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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s, for some unknown reason, attacked him and beat him. you can see in the videotape that was shot by a student from a dormitory that there were three officers in riot gear who beat mckenna. we'll show you the tape in just a second. a few minutes ago, the state's attorney here in prince georges county came out to report that after a year and a half, the grand jury had finally acted in this case. >> today, a grand jury issued a three-count indictment for two prince georges county police officers. the officers are charged with first-degree assault, second- degree assault, and misconduct in office for their role in allegedly striking a university of maryland student multiple times with a riot baton during an alleged incident on march 3rd, 2010 following a basketball game between maryland and duke. >> reporter: the tape shows mckenna approaching the officers and as he seized some
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mounted -- sees some mounted officers coming, he appears to back away. that is when three officers approach him. you can see he's getting struck by the baton's from the officers. what is interesting to note here is that there is two officers that were indicted. they were identified as reginald baker and james harrison. they face first- and second- degree assault and misconduct in office. we talked with the attorneys representing the student jack mckenna a few moments ago. they told us that they didn't have a comment as to why the third officer was not indicted. they said they were going to have to leave that up to the prosecutor. as far as obstruction of justice is concerned, that is another matter here because, as you may recall, jack mckenna and another student were actually charged with assaulting the officers on horseback. you can see from the video that just did not happen and in the statement of charges filed, it
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said that basically those two students assaulted the officer and that they were injured by the horses but it didn't happen that way. the officer who wrote the statement of charges was initially suspended and put back on duty. so the request is how did that information get into a statement of charges? there is no obstruction of justice charge in this case and the attorney had no comment on that and couldn't explain this part of the story and this is percolating in the county for a year and a half. you may recall back in december that the fbi had fanned out in december and sent fbi agents to talk to 40 different officers and introduce them about what happened that night. there was some in information we were told this case was going into the hands of the feds. now, it's back here in the county and that isup explained
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now. they're facing county charles first-degree assault, second- degree assault, and misconduct in office. laura. >> now we have an indictment, paul. it's back in the county where does the case go now? >> reporter: well, will be a judge deciding of course, and we'll go to trial, apparently. that is where the state's attorney wants to take it. of course, there is the option of who the officers may opt to plead out, but that is -- it looks like at this point, it's going to trial at this point. let me motion, laura, you may not recall this but -- let me mention, laura, you may not recall this, but the chief of police at the time, roberto heltoned, quote, he was outraged and -- hilton said he was, quote, outraged and disappointed. it took all of this time to come to this indictment. we heard through various sources there was some uncooperation amongst people involved in this at one time or another and that may be why
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it's taken so long to get to this point. >> interesting to learn all the behind-the-scenes antics that went on and leading to where we are today. thanks for the update, appreciate it. meanwhile, investigators have new identified the man found dead in northwest and ruled his death a homicide. the 35-year-old was found a little before 5:30 in the morning on saturday, september 10th. police have not said how the man died only that they believe that someone else did kill him. if you know anything about his death, call d.c. police. and how could a 2-year-old child kill him with a gun? an oxen hill family is grieving and the police are trying to sort out -- sort out what happened. fox 5s john henrehan has the latest from the newsroom. shawn. >> reporter: yesterday, police hinted what they thought happened and this afternoon confirmed what they believe is the story. this is an accidental shooting of a two-year-old and it's possible there could be charges leveled against whoever left the gun available for a toddler
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to grab. the incident happened before 8:00 monday evening at the riverside plaza apartment complex on oxen hill road. the prince georges county police have confirmed a two- year-old boy died from what they call an accidental self- inflicted shooting. and at the time of the gun discharge the boy's mother was in a separate room in the garden apartment when she heard the gun shot. prince was declared dead at a local hospital. one neighbor, we're asked to not be identified, the family lived there for years and appeared to be very attentive parents to the toddler. >> and she loved that the boy, you know, as did the family. you always -- you would never see the little boy out by hill you know what i'm saying? you saw him, you saw her, or whom jeff was watching the number right there with them. >> reporter: police have not specified what kind of weapon
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was involved. a source familiar with the investigation said that it may take a day or two for detectives and prosecutors to decide whether any charles will be brought. it's -- charges will be brought. it's a minor violation of maryland law to stow a loaded firearm where an unsupervised child could gape access to it. another possible charge wreckless endangerment, defined as engageing in conduct that creates a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury. the person convicted of wreckless endanger metcould be sentenced up to five years in prison. the wreckless endanger metcharges in these types of -- endangerment in these types of cases are rare. no charges were fileed in connection with the case. prince georges county police are using this incident to remind people who have guns in their home to keep them unloaded, store ammunition separately, lock the guns up and do not tell your children where they are shawn? >> thank you, john. those are good reminders.
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investigating the stabbing in the 1100 block of massachusetts avenue near l street northwest. investigators say a man and a woman were stabbed inside a house around 6 a.m. the woman is critically hurt. no word on the man's condition. the police have taken the person into custody but no charges were filed. after the corruption probe in prince georges county, voters are back at the polls. they're deciding who will take over leslie john so's council seat. on the -- johnson's council seat. she stepped down in july after she and her husband, jack johnson, pleaded guilty to corruption charges. the fbi agents arrested her at home with $79,000 hidden in her bra and underwear. the prince georges county polls are open until 8:00 tonight. the general election is october 18th. johnson is set to be sentenced in october. and d.c.'s wealthiest citizens may is to -- may have to dig deeper to pay the income taxes. the city council is passed the
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so-called millionaires tax and had their first legislative session. karen gray houston is back from the wilson building and looks like they had a busy session. >> reporter: they're back and, yes, they were very busy. the biggest thing, creating a new tax bracket for the highest income earners. they had very heated debate. after a squeaky close 7-6 vote, this was the bottom line. city residents who make more than $350000 in taxable income will new see the attack -- the tax break increase from 8.5% to 8.95%. the council members did that in exchange for giving current holders and out of state bonds a break. some lobbied aggressively and they were going to have to pay taxes on those bonds starting this year and no matter what they were bout. -- bought. they'll a ply after december 21st of this year.
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the bond tax break was a swap for the new tax on the rich and which will generate $106 million in revenues and be in place for four years. >> that is the bracket this millionaire pay starts at $40,000. the millionaire pays the same rate as machine with $40,000 a year. that is unfair. >> raising the tax to 8.95 is detrimental to the city and that is the highest tax break in the country. frankly, we don't need the money. >> and meantime, there was some controversial legislation that vantage point sent oral was expected to introduction -- vincent oral was expected to introduce. >> reporter: and he woke up and smelled the coffee. and he's still pushing to make the council job a full-time position and not part time. so those council members would have to get rid of them. now, he also wants term limits
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and no more than two coseccative four-year terms. the council members, and the board of education and that attorney. >> they have to sit down. i am putting my personal interest to the side. >> and -- >> in with that third and attempting to impose others and that is curious. >> and there are a lot of ethics issues going on and they must be sensitive about the ethics issues swirling around the city government right now, karen. >> reporter: they have good reason to be. chairman kwame brown with his own problems over the two city navigators. the mayor and couple still going at it -- council still going at it over suleman brown and there were several essex reform bills introduced today and one was to repeel online
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gambling and another to curtail fund raising. >> what they want to know is that we're dealing with the issues thoughtfully and in a process and quickly. >> lawmakers realize the spotlight is on them, which might explain a lot of the bickering and fingerpointing that went on in the early- morning breakfast meeting and they did get good news and recent weeks. now revenues will mean the city has an $89 million surplus. >> and that is good news. >> and. it's a rainy morning out there, especially if you had to be out in it. it's more gray heading home. doesn't mean the clouds moved up altogether. sue palka is in the weather center with the first look at the forecast. sue? >> and there is some light rain for us. we have had too much rain coming up in a little bit. most of us up and over seven inches this site and somenor go
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and that is about a half an inch and we picked up .16 at d.c. the rain for the most part is out of here and going back the last few hours and there is our shower activity. you can see we do still have some cloud cover left. temperaturewise, we have had some sun to the west and spiked up to 77 degrees at winchester and where the clouds have hung tough, it stayed on the cooler side and that is the highest we have gotten in d.c. and that isest is degrees. we'll talk about that general pattern for the week and you're not going to need your sunglasses too much. >> and that is -- and just the opposite. a major change for the u.s. military. don't-ask/don't-tell is officially a thing of the past. tonight, a closer look at new concerns for the service men
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and women next. and this landed a local student in hot water. suspended after running down the side lines in a banana costume. tonight, he and his mom are in our studios to set the record straight. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.
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>> we're following a developing story tonight. a suicide bomber with a bomb in his turbin killed the former president of afghanistan. he posed as a taliban peace envoy to get to the former president's home in kabul. he was in charge of the council looking for a political solution to the violence in afghanistan. four of the former president's body guards were killed in the attack and president karzai cut short his visit to the united nations to return home. and the story's milestone for the united states today. the gay and lesbian service members are allowed to serve openly thanks to the end of don't-ask/don't-tell. jennifer griffin is live at the pin tonight with more on. this thank you for joining us. -- live at the pentagon tonight. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: thank you, shape. >> reporter: what is -- thank you, shawn. >> what is the reaction from the pentagon? >> reporter: there is not a lot of reaction but one service member put it to me it's like yike. there were predictions the -- like y2k. there were prediction the sky would fall and they didn't. the admiral was asked about it
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in the briefing room. he was giving a press conference and said we did it it's now time to move on and that is an emotional event for many service members. gay service members on capitol hill and there were tears and the feels that they were forced to live a lie for a long time and that is an emotional day, there is one couple actually a navy lieutenant flew out with his partnership to get married after midnight to take victim of the repeel. >> this is a long time coming for many gayern is members. how did the pin -- many gay service members. how did the pin prepare them? >> reporter: this is an 18- month process and they had preparation packets and workshops that they basically went through 2.3 million service members and they each service was responsible for prepping them for the day
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after. and things that hasn't been addressed, however, by the repeel, the gay service members and their partnerships, they won't be eligible for health benefits or to live on bases and the military has to follow ko -- doma, the federal law and they can't recognize the partners as being to -- . >> we know everyone was not on board with the repeel of don't- ask/don't-tell. are there provisions or protections in place to protect the soldiers from backlash from this? >> reporter: i think there are. the provisions are the same provisions that would apply to any discrimination in the military, any sort of hazing that takes place and that is falling under the current code of military justice and those rules will a ply. also, gay service members, like heterosexual service members won't be able to -- they still can't have open displays of
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affection publicly and that is something against military rules. they will have to basically -- the same rules will apply to their relationships as to heterosexual relationships. >> and thanks for the update tonight. developping in london tonight, british police say they're dropping a demand for the guardian newspaper to hand over the phone-hacking sources for now. today, the police decided not to force the paper to unveil source material for stories about the scandal. the stories include a july article that revealed the news of the world tabloid hacked into the voice mail messages of a british school girl who was missing and later found murdered. is it ever okay to post a racial slur on facebook? a brand you in poll out think it's perfectly find if they're
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joking with their friends. >> teens and 20 somethings are shrugging off offensive words and name calling when they talk online. >> it hurts a lot of my friends if they get that. it's kind of sad. i don't know who to talk to. >> reporter: this eighth grader is rather attached to her phone. for the most part, she's careful about what show types and admits there have been moments she's fired away a text before thinking it through, like when she told a boy she liked him as a joke, something kids at the school called a zap. >> i felt bad and i didn't want to go out with him. >> reporter: it's a steep learning curb stephanie and peers are going through now. the world of internet and electronic etiquette. 55% of the teens and young adults surveyed in a poll witnessed people being mean to each other, whether it's via text or social networking sites. 51% said that they have seen
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discriminatory words. if you ask young people about it, they write it off as a joke. >> people are trying to be funny or cruel and try to do something to be cool. >> reporter: the question is, where is the line between being cool and cyberbullying? 56% said they have been victims of electronic bullying and amy is a senior and keeps her facebook account mostly quiet after conflict with other peers online. not having to say it to their face aspect of the internet encouraging the bad behavior. >> i feel like because of the internet they don't feel like they're not going to get caught and don't feel it's a big deal. >> the thing about bullying is it's not about one or two instances but about a bully repeatedly going to another child and harassing them with the purpose of establishing that. >> reporter: here at benjamin franklin middle school and
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rimwood, new jersey, with math and science, kids are learning about what is right and wrong to say over text and the internet and that is a touchy subject here. tyler clemente, who committed suicide after being bullied went here. the principal fines himself trying to keep discipline airy actions updated with the evolving technology. >> and that is -- there there are consequences to how you behave online even if anonymous. we're tracking around the wet weather. >> and. chances are you felt rain. will the skies clear out for tonight? a look at the forecast is next.
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>> help is on the way for thousands of wildfire victims in texas. more fema disaster relief centers are opening up. the fires burned more than 1500 homes and we're building as you can imagine, will take months. much of the paperwork is
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dealing with temporary housing needs. this is the one of the wildfire in texas history. and. left, this wet weather is not soon apparently? >> apparently not. >> and talked about pittsburgh yesterday. i'm starting to feel it. >> sue palka starting like pittsburgh around here with the gray, gloomy days. >> and having grown up in western pennsylvania, i noticed it's sunny two days in a row in some places? there is a lot of cloud cover and we're in the stream of moisture with a bit of a substropical fetch to it and that is going to continue and that is the last thing we need. we're kind of waterlogged in this area. the past three weeks, some places have picked up 10 inches of rain after what we went through with irene and let's look at the weather maps. there is a lot of moisture sadly not in the cards for texas and in the southeast and
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this is getting funnelled in this direction from an area of high pressure and that cutoff low over the midwest. the bottom line it's going to stay unsettled this week and we're going to dry out, we'll have some showers this afternoon. for the overnight hours, partly to mostly cloudy at 7, 69 degrees and by 9:00, still hanging with a mix of clouds and sun and brighter skies to the midwest. and dry at 11:00. 67 degrees with some cods and a touch of fog in the morning and we're going to look at the five- day forecast. i have sunnier days win the five-day and we'll show that to you when we return. come on back. there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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>> we're following a developing story out of staff order virginia. a -- stafford, virginia, where a man and -- mom and student are protesting his school
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punishment. brian thompson, a 49-year-old, learned -- 14-year-old, learned he could face tough penalties for running on the field in a -- at a football game dressed as a banana. he was suspended and that is not the end of the story. brian and his mother are here with us. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. >> you received this letter today? >> yes. >> tell me in your words what does it say? >> it basically said that he is being considered for expulsion from school and they're asking the sheriff's department if they could do some possible juvenile criminal offenses on what was done. >> expulsion the rest of the year? >> yeah. >> and let's read this, an excerpt from this letter that was sent home with the football coach. >> yes. >> you said. >> i called the school today and i didn't get a call back from the principal. what happened, 11:00, here comes the coach knocking on the door with that letter. >> and part of this said the
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suspension of 10 days and the recommendation for long-term suspension through the remainder of the 2011-2012 school year as a result of brian having desobedience of an administrator, disrespectful behavior toward an administrator, disruption of an activity refusal to follow directions of an administrator and goes on and on. >> right. >> what is your reaction to this? >> i hear people saying it must be more than that. he must have had, you know, this year brian had only one other incident at school and that had to deal with a cell phone going off in his book bag. he hasn't had incident after incident being called to the school. >> brian, what is your reaction? i see you shaking your head there. >> i'm confused. i don't get it. >> what was your intension on running across the field with the banana suit on? >> i wanted to make people happy. >> a joke? >> basically. >> okay. >> and you said your son has asberger's a form of aught.
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>> yes. >> you -- a form of autism? >> yes. a social development disorder. kids on the high-end are misdiagnosed as kids with social problems because thirnormally intelligent children and because they don't fit in with the classrooms with the low-functions kids, they have to go to the regular sitings and -- regular settings and a lot of times, someone comes in and are pulled out and that is with the educational part and not behavioral part of it. >> did you call the school? >> i did. i called the school wrote an apology letter to the school and an a did endum to what they were going to receive. she has not contacted me. >> when the sheriff's deputies pulled you off of the field what, did they say to you? did you say anything to them that would have made them upset? >> nah, at first it was the administrators and then they called the sheriff on the
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walkie-talkie. and he was like you need to come to me and saying whatever they can to get him -- . >> you have gotten in trouble repeatedly at school? >> no. no. >> uh-huh. >> and where do you go from here? >> i don't know. we're seeing into the kind of help we can get. he needs to go back to school. with all of this popularity, that time might be an issue now. i don't know from here. i hope we'll be able to find a lawyer and see what we can do. >> you have a lot of support? students? >> they were confiscating bananas from the kids. and suspending kids from wearing yellow t-shirts and one young lady had her pocket pass
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taken away her. >> people are texting please tell the news what they're doing to us at the school. >> what is your reaction? that makes you feel good? >> like the first amendment freedom of speech, right? >> rules are rules, perhaps this has gone too far. >> to confiscate a ba99 rahul singhvi. >> to confiscate people's clothe something. >> right. >> and you want to contact the school and they did refuse to comment. >> o. >> and we'll continue to follow this case. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bye-bye. a lack of -- [ indiscernible ] could hurt any small business out there. google is launching a brand new program to help virginia about businesses -- businesses get on loon. -- get online. google's business director joined us today on fox 5 morning news. >> 44% of businesses in virginia don't have a website. that is amazing and pretty much everyone is looking online for products and services and we
5:36 pm
ask them why they're not online, they say it's hard, time-consuming and expensive. we partnered with 19 partners in virginia and a number of global firms to make it fast, easy and free for any business in virginia to get online. >> we first make it we created a solution for any business, where they can go from offloop to online and in about 60 minutes. we partnered with intuit, a leader in professional websites and there is easy, professional templates that help you get online in an hour and again, these things don't take long. it used to take you a long time. really, you know, times are changing and it's much easier today. >> you can watch the entire interview and see how to get your business online in virginia. go to and click on morning languages. -- morning links. airline baggage fees cost more than airline tickets. the annual fee study found that
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continental united airlines are charging 4 has on some international flights for -- $400 on some international flights for bags weighing 171 pops. and airlines first introduced seats for checked bags four years ago and the fees cost as much as $43. >> outrage. airlines, don't care if you wear white after labor day or if socks match your shoes but draw a line at obscene t- shirts. delta airlines told a man he can not wear his t-shirt because he had a t-shirt with the f word on it. he offered to flip it inside out and that was not enough for the airlines. >> why are you wearing a shirt like that to begin with. i thought again, it was just me. i said hey, this is me. >> the airline said all passengers are subject to conditions of carriage, meaning they can be removed if their clothing or actions disrupt
5:38 pm
other passengers. >> perhaps we could go back to wearing the white gloves look our grandmother's wore. >> i guess i wouldn't, if i was on there with my children you know, i wouldn't want them to see that. >> yeah, yeah. >> but. >> i know. >> again. seems like we're going tie too far here. i don't know -- going too far here. more discussion. could this be the key to finally burying the hatchet? the word is ousted 2 and a half -- two and a half men charlie sheen is scooping it in. the latest on the cantaloupe. what you need to know from your -- to keep your family from getting sick.
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ugoo .
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>> west hollywood could become a free shopping. we have a proposed law could make it the first city to ban the sale for apparel. the issue is starting arguments
5:42 pm
in the streets as supporters can campaign in fave of it. more than 90 clothing retailers are against the preferred band even those with fake fur. the businesses can buy fur free clothes without losing customers. and glittering jewels will be welcome in hollywood and around the world. jewelry makers in india unveiled a blamed-out luxury car. it covered with 170 pounds of gold jewels. and this is the cheapest vehicles. with all -- with all of the debecauseeling, the vehicle is worth nearly 5 million dollars. >> holy. >> and seriously, look, really. >> why? >> just for show, i guess. >> and that is the question. >> why not? >> you pick one up the next
5:43 pm
week. >> exactly. >> you hit the up to by yourself. >> come on. >> all right. a wet, soggy mess of a day never gave way to sunshine. >> not at all. at all. >> but hopefully the rest of the workweek will have some sunshine. the forecast is coming up. we'll be right back. 8y:รง:9:9:8:8:8:x:x:x:x8x8x8x8x8x8xrl
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r t asict h,
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>> we're following a health alert out of india tonight where mosquitoes are to blame for a deadly outbreak. the bugs are carrying a form of encephalitis causing enflaming a in the brain. 11 people died and children are at a high risk. the state health officials have not taken measures to stop the outbreak. when you you think of cantaloupes, you think healthy. several people have new died from contaminated melons. the outbreak could spread further. the cantaloupes are tainted
5:47 pm
with listeria, a dangerous bacteria and four people died from this. 45 others are sick and one is from west virginia. we are joined by sarah kline with the centers for science and the public interest. sarah, thanks for being with us first of all, tonight j. no problem. >> where are -- . >> no problem. >> why where are the cantaloupes coming from, do we know? how do consumers know? is there a sticker? >> they're from a farm in colorado. we know they have been through 10 states and there might be others to come. so far, it doesn't look like d.c., maryland, or virginia retailers are carrying cantaloupe. consumers can try and check when they go to the store, look and see if there is a sticker that says says jensen farms. that is where they're from. if they can't tell, unfortunately, trace back, it's difficult for consumers and see they may choose to keep watching and make sure the recall doesn't expand. just wait awhile to buy cantaloupe? >> this is an unusual type of
5:48 pm
outbreak. listeria's more commonly seen in deli meats and soft cheeses. more fortunately, pregnant women are 20 times more locally than an ordinary consumer to get sick from listeria and listeria in pregnant women can cause flu-like symptoms for the mother, the miscarriage, still birth or severe infections for an infant. we want them to be especially careful. >> how, though, does listeria get into a cantaloupe and does buying organic solve the problems, if you buy organic? are you not at risk? unfortunately, organic has enough relationship to no safety and that is the case with any product now, not just a cantaloupe. organic can help you if you're trying to avoid pesticides or certain other things like antibiotic to you and they have nothing to do with bacterial or pathogenic protection and consumers should know that. as for howless tiria gets into the cantaloupe, we're not sure
5:49 pm
where the -- says as for how listeria gets into the cantaloupe we're not sure. they think they found it on the packaging equipment, the big metal belts that all of the cantaloupes go down before they go into the large crates. unfortunately, listeria is an unusual bacteria that can survive on plastic and metal, which is why slicers at the deli meat counter are often a place where listeria can hang out and be did their contaminating slice after slice of meat. >> if you're a cantaloupe junky, pay attention to the fda website. >> yeah. >> and make sure this is clear. sarah klein, thank you for being beautiful tonight. >> -- for being with us tonight. >> thank you. north bethesda middle school is encouraging students to make good choices today at the power lunch rally and the school is being honored for the achievements and serving better school lunches. among their accomplishments, they get their fruits and vitamins after day.
5:50 pm
the grains, whole wheat and soups made from the scratch and low fat. i love hearing that. >> me, too. >> ef mama does. >> no mystery meat. that is nice. >> yes, ma'em. >> and that unfortunate spaghetti we had in high school. >> it was -- . >> and -- >> yeah. >> all right. and outside today? more dreary weather for us? >> comfort foods. >> and today, the showers around this morning. that is the last thing people like. the rain for the morning rush hour. some good news for you. perhaps tomorrow we reverse it and we start out dry and see some rain for the evening rush hours. i want you to be aware of. that meanwhile, look at what is going on the next few days. we have a seat of moisture lurking in the southeast and being funnelled in our direction. not only from the high pressure off of the coast, which is
5:51 pm
keeping the southeast wind but we have an upper level low here through the midwest and that is pupilling all of this moisture reminiscent of what happened with tropical storm lee and not that kind of heavy-duty moisture stream that is like a fire hose coming up 95. however, we do have to watch for more rounds of rain and that is our weather headline. as we all know, since september 1st, we have been waterlogged. reagan has had 7.3 inches, dulles over seven and how about dwi? 9 1/2 inches of rain since september 1st and if you add in august, we're approaching a foot in many areas and this is not only a problem for our region, but also philly and new york and all of the areas seeing more rain this week. this is this morning's rain. you can see it now moving out of town. we did get in some breaks, especially to the west and a few of you need sunglasses and partly cloudy to the rest and probably a little cloudy or here from d.c. on south and east. clouds will try to break up a bit and if they do break up enough overnight, we could have
5:52 pm
fog in the morning and the cloud on the ground. meanwhile, the temperature here in d.c. now is 70 degrees and a lot warmer to the west where they had the few hours of sunshine. they got to 77 degrees and some spouts. now to 74 and fredericksburg, 73. monasses and culpeper coming in at 73 degrees. the clouds, kind of kept the temperature down a bit. and overnight, i think we're going to start a drying trend and the clouds are tough to get out of the area 64 degrees here in d.c. tomorrow, the afternoon will feature some more showers around, maybe a thunderstorm and that very much depends on how much sunshine we get. we think it's going to stay cloudy rather than sunnier and if that is the the case, we're not going to see widespread storms. the temperature is 76 degrees. the showers again around for tomorrow afternoon. this is your planner, at 8 in the morning, probably dry, 66 degrees. showers if not rain possible, as early as the noon hour and lingerring into 5:00. the temperature at 76 by 5:00. and how much rain are we talking about for the rest of
5:53 pm
the workweek? not counting -- counting the weekend. it may dry out by the weekend. in the rounds of rain, week pick up an additional one to three inches of rain and probably that doesn't seem like a lot on top of the fact that the ground is fairly saturated, we're going to have to pay attention to the rounds and make sure we don't have repeat or training thunderstorms in any particular area. here is the future cast at 8 in the morning, most areas dry. notice the moisture coming up. this is an area we're going to have to watch and by tomorrow afternoon, the showers are also in and around our area and they're going to continue off and on as we head up through the workweek. here's the five-day forecast, showers tomorrow afternoon, and showers and storms on thursday at 78 and probably the best chance for more widespread activity is friday and a few showers on saturday. sunday is dryer and the weekend is looking brighter, too and we need the sunglasses. >> this is what we want to hear. >> thank you very much. we are following a developing story out of hall
5:54 pm
tonight. charlie sheen's bigger -- bitter battle with warner brothers is paying off. tmz is reporting he will get $25 million in about two weeks of work that is done. since he shot around 180 episodes for the show, the settlement will give him $100 million in syndication profits over the next decade. shawn? >> thank you, laura. we're in the web center with sarah frazier from hot 99.5 and talking all things in case didn't know, tonight is the season premier. >> we're back. >> that's right, of "glee." >> we're back. >> iier stand you have inside info others may not know about? >> tonight is the third season premier. ryan murphy came forward and said they hired a top of new writers this season. the complaint was last season was great, towards the end it tapered off. everyone was not happy with the story line. this is going to focus on the characters and a lot of great songs. not so many, you know how they had the -- britney night and they're doing away with that
5:55 pm
and they're going to pick great sogs that are popular over the years that people love. tonight, some tom jones which is great, ding dong the witch is dead from "the wizard of oz" and introduced to new characters. there is a character sugar coming on. >> oh. and that is going to be great. >> shh. nothing else. >> nothing else. >> if you want to see it, you have to tune in tonight. >> the juicy dirt is glee project. three of the finalists are going to be introduced and i have some great dirt. apparently i'm not good. >> all right, thank you very much. >> if you want to chat with her, she'll be chatting from 7- 9 tone, talking about agreement log on and chat with sarah. brian, are you looking forward to the season premier? >> either could have said it was the season finale, i wouldn't have known the dives. >> oh issue brian. >> oh, right. >> and sarah, we're going talk about it tonight. you can fill me in for the news at 10. >> sounds good. we continue to follow breaking news out of prince
5:56 pm
georges county. two officers were indicted in the beating of a university of maryland student. you will hear from the victim's lawyer at the top of the hour. and plus, his supporters say an innocent man could be put to death tomorrow. the latest on the last-ditch efforts to save a death row inmate's life. and to add firefighters with their lives, we're going to show you the rookie perhaps that prompted an investigation.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
>> the news edge is staying on top of breaking news out of prince georges county. two police officers have dutied in the beating of a university of maryland student. they were caught on camera striking the student during a post game riot after the school's basketballel to error error beat duke. more than a year later, criminal


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